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23-Sep-2017 07:34

Richardson, who is just 4ft nine inches tall, looked for people offering their services as babysitters on the online advertising site Craigslist.

Two women responded to his calls and over several months 'cared' for him at their homes in Oklahoma City.

One babysitter said she had to chase him around her flat liked a naughty child when he refused to put on a clean nappy.

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Most times she is recently divorced therefore seeking validation that she is still sexy and what’s a better way of doing that than hitching an effervescent young lover?A police spokesman said: 'Looking back on everything now, knowing he was not autistic while she was wiping him and cleaning him up completely disgusts her.'She believed initially she was caring for an autistic person, but he was actually someone using her to get stimulated.'Police Inspector Priscilla Helm reported in a court affidavit that Richardson admitted he 'conned this family and did it…