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Now a web developer, Schneider runs Cedarville Out, a website for Cedarville’s community of LGBT students, alumni, and allies., have raised questions about whether religious organizations will lose their tax-exempt status if they discriminate against legally married gay people.This possibility came up during the oral arguments for Emma Green noted, Justice Samuel Alito referred to the evangelical Christian Bob Jones University, which chose to sacrifice its tax-exempt status in 1983 so it could continue to forbid interracial dating.At an off-campus event near Cedarville a while back, gay Christians held a Q-and-A session for anyone who wanted to talk openly about Christianity and homosexuality.It was there that Zach Schneider, a former Cedarville student who is straight, began to change his mind about gay Christians.Page 15 of the new student handbook of Cedarville University tells students to obey “the laws of the land.” However, there’s at least one law the Ohio evangelical college doesn’t support: the recent Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states.The school’s “Commitment to Purity,” printed on page 12 of the handbook, begins, “We believe that God’s design at creation for sexual desire and orientation is within the bounds of a marriage union between a man and a woman.” Cedarville prohibits students from engaging in not only same-sex dating, but also “public advocacy for the position that sex outside of a biblically defined marriage is morally acceptable.”The forceful tone of this handbook reflects a growing sense among evangelicals that they are being persecuted for their beliefs.“As I watched, I was struck by how different they seemed than I had been taught growing up,” said Schneider, now 22.

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“[On Monday], Julie notified the College that she is resigning her position, effective immediately, and will not be returning in August.”Regardless, such reasoning raises new questions: Even at schools that forbid “homosexual practice,” should gay students have to stay in the closet?Or can they be open about their orientation as long as they stay celibate like their unmarried heterosexual counterparts are supposedly doing?

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