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Alice Krige was a wonderful casting choice, and her presence (complimented by the music) transforms the scenes in funny and touching ways.In other words, I want the DVD, and I want it right now!Late in the movie, the staff members of Beach City Grill are looking at one of Trucker's old yearbooks, which includes a picture of him playing football.

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The dialog is witty and sharp, the plot elegantly constructed and absorbing, the music masterful (and funny, because it perfectly mirrors the plot and - surprisingly - brings comic relief in a few carefully chosen places), the filming beautiful and professional, and the actors good, funny and entirely believable.

Clea Du Vall is, as usual, a quiet but very intense presence on the screen, yet the filmmakers don't let her steal the show entirely.

Same goes for Jensen Ackles, the central "fun" character, who has quite a few superb moments that show both his comedic ability and enchanting subtlety.

Mr Hayes, who had also worked as an executive for Apple, met Tichelman through one such website.

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He had hired Tichelman several times before, and they were doing drugs and having sex on the night he died.Her six year sentence means she could be free in three years.

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