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State of Illinois Otto Kerner, Governor ft UITOIS STATE LIBRARY FEB 1 9 19G9 ICCINOIS DOCUMENTS 1967 Annual Coal, Oil and Gas Report DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND MINERALS ILLINO'^ STATE LIBRARY HNGFIELD Vr A lib'} Dept.

v i A SI i I I rl 5 I $ S v (50347) Z- LETTER' OF TRANSMITTAL State of Illinois, Department of Mines and Minerals.

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If you are tired of regular scripted TV shows, you are in the right place!.9-10 I General Table 1 — Directory of Shipping Mines 12 Table 1A — Directory of Local Mines 14 Table 2— General Statement With Comparative Figures 1962-1967 16 Mines Suspending Operations During 1967 17 Mines Abandoned During 1967 17 New Mines Opened During 1967 17 Mines Reopened During 1967 18 Name Changes During 1967 IS II Production Table 3 — Average Man-Day Production — Shipping Mines 21 Table 4— Output of Shipping Mines by Months 1962-1967 22 Table 5 — Number of Shipping Mines Operated and Average Davs Worked Each Month 19621967 22 Table 6— Relative Rank of Counties Producing 500,000 Tons or More 1963-1967 .

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