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05-Sep-2017 15:54

by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, I jumped at the opportunity, hoping to be both challenged and affirmed. And I finished the book with confirmation that I’m on the right track.

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His bestselling books include the Gold Medallion Award-winning Boundaries books and Making Small Groups Work. Cloud and his wife and two daughters live in Southern California.

We discussed lighthearted things as we ordered our meal.

It was more a moment to stop and catch our breath than to have life-altering discussions.

Henry Cloud and John Townsend, clearly noted the confusion which resulted from so many mixed messages floating around churches, college campuses, and other Christian young adult circles.

So this book addresses the common missteps in dating due to a lack of appropriate boundaries, as well as establishes the good benefits that result from healthy dating relationships, whether or not these relationships lead to the marriage altar.

I knew her well enough to know she might have some issues contributing to her single state."What do you mean, 'God hasn't chosen that?