Dating while still living with parents

26-Aug-2017 19:23

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You know that living with your folks compromises your love life. You can move close to your parents and check in regularly. Should you move out of Brooklyn there’s this magical system of cars that run beneath the ground that can transport you to wonderous places like Queens and Williamsburg.

Yet your desire to sock away cash appears to be overriding that. Your making excuses because you don’t want to spend money.

It struck me, as we were going back and forth and they were accusing me of being greedy, that neither of them have ever lived on their own.

My niece is in her mid-twenties and still lives at home.

What people are also wondering when they consider dating you is how you’ll cope with being “on the outside.” Lacking the experience in basic responsibilities like paying rent sets you behind developmentally. A woman would be a lot more impressed if you had a mortgage and 25K in savings.

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In the culture I was brought up in, living with your parents until you were married or at least when you finish school was expected.You might not have the size apartment you might have if you didn’t have roommates, but you’ll have a roof over your head. If you can save 100K while being in law school, you have the means.In a rather heated exchange with my niece and nephew last week, I had to explain to them why I’m opting out of owning a condo that my father had purchased and let my sister live in that was included in my Dad’s probate estate.Your mom is all “Another episode of “Golden Girls,” huh? All of your friends are living on their own and you wonder if you’re off to a bad start into adulthood. In fact, you could be doing a Whether it’s financial, emotional or both, living back at home gives you the perfect, no pressure opportunity to really get on track. Dad’s commentary on the electric bill increase is about as subtle as lip herpes, but it’s a lot more pleasant than Fran from Wells Fargo’s “show me the money” wake up call.

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Lucky for you, parental nagging does not effect your newly established credit.

My nephew, 31, only recently moved in with his fiancee.

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