50 dating ideas for married couples

06-Jul-2017 11:13

When we got off, I was practically skipping as I ran to see our picture at the kiosk.

My terror as we waited to board the ride charmed David, he said later.

On a theater website I scored tickets for an off-off-Broadway show. I slipped my hand in his, and soon we were imagining what kind of party we'd throw there if we could.

He apologized for interrupting me, and as we walked hand in hand to the theater, we saw and heard more interesting people and unusual conversations in 10 minutes than we do in 10 days of our suburban life.

By the time we finished our coffee and headed outside, we actually felt like the 20-something couple we were when we first met.

The familiar streets held memories at every corner, and I noticed I wasn't burdened with thoughts of what chores awaited at home or what I was cooking for dinner (who knew an afternoon date could be so much fun? Instead, I remembered how we felt when we lived in that town—that the world was filled with possibility and that everything would be OK if we faced it together.

The car clacked upward and I gripped the safety bar with all my strength. The first drop was nothing, but then the track rose again and the next hill was…thrilling!

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When you do thrilling and new things, you get that same dopamine release—and if you do them with your partner, you'll associate that giddiness with him.We started to notice that the good feelings from the date lingered into the week.